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TITLE : Why do people donate to charitable organizations

Many people donate for many reasons. Among the reasons are to help the less fortunate, to get tax deductions, to boost one's image or reputation, to be famous, expect favours in return, for political gain like positions, titles and contracts, to leave a name behind and to be blessed by God.
People who donate to help the less fortunate are people who love the poor and have a genuine heart. For example there is a story of Mother Teresa which happened in India, who loved to help the poor and because of her genuine heart, she received a noble prize. A public holiday was declared which is rare in India for her funeral.

There are also people who donate to boost their image or company reputation. By doing this the company intends to attract shareholders to invest. This is a donation with a motive.
Among the other motives are expecting favours, political gains and to get their names made public. Celebrities donate to become more famous.
Some businessmen donate to receive a tax deduction, want their names to be placed somewhere on something so as to receive public attention.
MERCY Malaysia helps the war torn countries or places affected by natural disasters and this help with a genuine heart.
From my point of view, I would donate to the less fortunate on one condition
( lepas tu teacher aku taruk tanda ni ',????' hahaha) Personally I will give the less fortunate half with my own cash if I have just enough money.


1)Please avoid repetitions of points
2)Please read through your corrected essay
3)Good attempt. Keep it up.



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