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Some script from.... Vanilla Sky...

Mysterious voice : Open your eyes....

Creepy face of Julie Giannie freaks Aames out as he opened his eyes. He stunned. Suddenly it turned to be Sophia.

Sophia : This is a cheap ploy for sympathy.

David Aames : I'm okay...I'm okay...

Sophia : And it works. Get up. Uhh...(sound of Sophia felt burden of carrying Aames up from his laid). I agree....

David Aames : This is a joke..(speak in a lower voice)

Sophia : David, I'm not gonna lie to you. I like the way you look. have to put it all together. Because if not, I forget the other guy. You know that other guy? You!

David Aames : I'm still that guy...I'm still that guy

Sophia : Listen...I don't have a mother saving my bone in my back. It's not about that. You are coming with me. But if this turns to be a big a mistake, I do have the ability to fall other love (she snaps her finger) like that...

David Aames : I'm still that guy...

Sophia : Shut up..

David Aames : [Speak to himself as they were walking together] We create our whole world. Us VS Them.(referring to the board members of David's)

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